Common Issues in Business Workflow

We’ve done a lot of workflow analysis for more than 300 businesses throughout the years. In our experience, we’ve determined that there are common patterns or issues for many businesses. We now want to share that information with all of you.

So, here are the most common issues in business workflow across different industries.

Lack of Communication

featured image Common Issues in Business Workflow Lack of Communication - Common Issues in Business Workflow

For most businesses, the lack of communication is a big deal and failure to communicate will result in serious issues. Communication is not just about telling people what needs to be done and how it should be done. It is maintaining a seamless process wherein employees can react if certain issues present themselves.

Communication between external parties is also important. Make sure that everybody is in the loop of essential information or they just might end up making the wrong decisions under the assumption that they know what they are doing is right. Also, productive communication is the key to efficiency inside the office.

Professionals these days are looking for new ways to improve communication with the coronavirus outbreak.

Office Productivity

featured image Common Issues in Business Workflow Office Productivity - Common Issues in Business Workflow

In an office environment, you can’t always expect that your employees are giving it their 100% all the time. There are still instances wherein employees struggle to fully focus on what they are doing. So, it is important to always promote morale and productivity in the office.

In many cases, we’ve seen employees unable to complete all of their daily tasks because they are multitasking. We’ve found out that multitasking does not work. People multitasking are taking care of more than one task with a limited focus.

It is more advisable to take care of one thing with 100% focus to get it done and get it done right.

What sets back the operation are the tiny errors that need fixing and that hinders everything.

Absences of Workflow Analysis

featured image Common Issues in Business Workflow Absences of Workflow Analysis - Common Issues in Business Workflow

Many businesses don’t agree with the concept of workflow analysis at all. They believe it is unnecessary to conduct it. Workflow analysis can be done through traditional means or KPI or analysis tools and software.

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