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Pathomx v2: Visual analysis for metabolomics [Released]

Pathomx v2.0.0 has been released today for both Windows and MacOS X.


This latest version adds a number of important features over the previous releases:

  • Completely new drag-drop visual editor. Create analysis workflows by dragging tools into the workspace, edit connections by dragging data-lines between tools, and use inline views to get an overview of current processing. Drag drop data into the workspace for instant import. The video below demonstrates a few of the features:
  • Live per-tool progress notifications, bars and status indicators. Errors are flagged with help text (tooltips on tools when indicated red).


  • Improved interface, each tool get it’s own window.
  • Windows XP, 7 & 8 (64 bit) and MacOS X supported with Linux builds to follow shortly.

Download it and try it out!

We have been adding demos, walkthroughs and sample datasets since the last release. More information is also available on the website, and latests versions of Pathomx are available from the downloads page. Feedback and bug-reports are always welcome.

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