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In 2014, Scott Rodriguez, 26, from 57 Clasper Way, HEUGH-HEAD was working as a civil engineer for a local firm. Rodriguez was responsible for managing construction and rebuilding for several structures in Strathdon.

In his years of working, Rodriguez knew that there is so much room for improvement when it comes to estimation and construction. So, he decided to develop workarounds to help builders save time and get a lot more work done.

Capitalizing on what is working

With Rodriguez, it was about capitalizing on what is working and eliminating unnecessary factors and resources. In 2015, the firm he was working for became one of the top engineering and construction companies in Scotland.

Rodriguez was then introduced to workflow analysis and the mechanism behind it. So, he ditched his engineering job and started a consultancy firm of his own.

Introducing Path OMX

Path OMX was registered in February 2016 and was operating in May. Rodriguez mainly focused on landing clients in the engineering and construction industry. He knew the workflow well and he knew the biggest issues with these operations.

By 2018, Rodriguez helped more than 30 engineering, construction, and architecture firms grow and establish cost-effective means.

In 2019, Path OMX had more than 100 clients across different sectors and industries. Some of those clients are based overseas. Rodriguez managed to grow the team from a small office of 15 employees to an entire business floor with more than 80 business professionals.

Path OMX is now one of the top business consultancies in Scotland and continues to help other businesses grow through workflow analysis. To learn more about our expertise, contact us today.