Drag & Drop Analysis

Construct analysis workflows with drag-drop arrangement of analysis tools. The default toolkit supports Import, Processing, Analysis, Visualisation and Export of multiple data types.

Multivariate Analysis

Perform complex multivariate analyses including PCA, PLS-DA and PLS-R through a simple interface. Powered by the SciPy scikit-learn library.

Pathway Visualisation

Visualise your biological data directly on pathways including KEGG, WikiPathways and BioCyc-based dynamic visualistions.

Custom Scripting

Use custom scripting to perform tasks not covered in your toolkit. Pathomx supports Python, R and MATLAB scripts.


Pathomx is a unique workflow-based analysis tool that provides complete analytical control while maximising usability.

Construct complex analysis workflows including multivariate, univariate and pathway-mining approaches from a simple drag-drop interface.

Configure tools and immediately see the result reflected downstream. Prototype scripts and share or export the result for others to replicate.

Pathomx is free and open-source software, developed by scientists for scientists.

Why Pathomx?

  • By scientists for scientists
  • Drag-drop statistical analysis
  • Supports Python, R and MATLAB
  • Custom tools and scripts
  • Free and Open Source software (GPL v3.0)

Publications, Funding, Etc.

  • Supported by
    Wellcome Trust

    PhD Studentship
  • Centre for Translational Inflammation Research

    University of Birmingham